Sunday, 12 October 2008

Chocolate Week

13th – 19th October is Chocolate Week 2008. Chocolate Week is all about chocoholics (i.e. nearly all of us) enjoying chocolate! This is now the fifth year of Chocolate Week in the UK.

At Chocolate Week events you can witness talks, tastings, demonstrations, new chocolates and much more. Real Chocoholics are able to find out more about the origin of chocolate, cocoa , how it is made and taste the finest and best chocolate in the world today.

A few examples of Chocolate Week events include –
A chocolate themed gourmet dinner at the AA 4 star Grange Hotel in Clifton, York. The event will also be in support of Restaurants Against Hunger whose aim is to fight hunger in over 40 of the world's poorest countries.

For Chocolate Week Thorntons are launching their new Fusions range exclusively in 5 stores across the UK, including that in Commercial Street, Leeds. . The chocolatier who developed the Fusions range will be demonstrating the whole process of how he helped create these wonderful chocolates - from initial inspiration right through to decoration. The tastings will take place twice a day at 1pm & 5.30pm Fusions are created with chocolate from Papua New Guinea, Tanzania and Sao Tome and they've added an eclectic combination of carefully chosen ingredients. There are some delicious flavours including Madagascan Vanilla, Caramel & Soy and Cocoa & Rosemary.

All week throughout the day there will be Simply Chocolate tastings of Kimberley chocolate at 1 Cross Street SEATON Devon EX12 2UZ

Divine Chocolate is the leading Fairtrade chocolate brand.

Chocolate contains Phenylethylamine and Serotonin both of which also occur naturally in the human brain. These mood lifting substances are released into the nervous system when we are happy and when we are experiencing feelings of passion, creating a rise in blood pressure and heart rate and inducing a feeling of well being. So, when you need a lift - eat chocolate!

For lots of chocolate recipes see recipes4us.

Never Give a Dog Chocolate! It contains theobromine, which is a central nervous system stimulant and as little as 2 ounces can apparently be lethal to a small dog.

For a brief history of Chocolate see my blog posting on The Editorial.


  1. Never, ever again will I be a chocoholic! When Graham came to dinner last week, knowing how much he likes chocolate, I found a receipe for a chocolate tart but oh dear, just ask him about it! I am still feeling sick at the thought - 400grms. dark organic chocolate, 1pt. of cream, 1 egg white - whip it all together, put it into a pastry case and chill in the 'fridge. I don't know where the feeling of well-being went, but it certainly went!!!

  2. I hope the mwemory fades quickly - I'd hate to stop being a chocoholic. I gave it up years agho because iot seemed to be a major migraine trigger but fortunately - unless I go silly with it - it has stopped being that and I do love the occasional chocolate desert.


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