Saturday, 11 October 2008

Something for the Week-end

Sunday morning tends to be a fairly busy time for me. (Something I could not admit too freely if I lived where GB does – sorry Christine!) One way or another I always seem to be occupied either around the house and garden, recovering from Saturday’s flea market / attic sales or carrying out sales themselves.

As a result I rarely get to see “Something for the Week-end” a combined cookery and chat show on BBC2 from 10 to 11.30 a.m. Last week I didn’t see it live but I watched it later through BBC iPlayer on my computer. This is the first time I’ve used iPlayer. It’s quite good except that if I watch my live TV on the computer I can keep it on top of all programs I’m running whereas iPlayer goes to the back each time one goes into another program. In future I shall try to remember to tape it instead.

The show stars Liverpool-born chef Simon Rimmer, Chelsea supporter Tim Lovejoy and ‘bored with football’ Amanda Hamilton.

The show revolves around cookery (often interesting recipes and lots of tips) but also includes clips from current TV shows, guest appearances and various odds and ends including three new gadgets on the market.

If you haven’t seen it I can thoroughly recommend you give it a try.

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