Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Bring back the Lollipop

It amazes me that those working on F1 cars are not severely injured when the driver (whether through his own fault or that of the ‘system’) leaves the pits before the crew are ready to release him. Their reactions must be superb. I am thinking especially of those poor sods whose job it is to get paper and rubbish out of the air intakes. There’s no way I’d be putting my hand in there! I think that after their latest incident Ferrari should be severely reprimanded by the FIA and made to re-introduce the lollipop.

Using a lollipop has been shown to be less than perfect – witness Coulthard jumping the gun on Sunday – but it is demonstrably better than Ferrari’s automatic system. (And I’m not just saying that because it is Ferrari.) I really fear for the safety of the pit crews at the best of times and if Ferarri are not forced back in line there could be a horrific accident. Contrary to what some people think the majority of us are watching the sport for the excitement on the track and the beauty of the cars – we don’t want to see accidents and certainly not ones that hurt people.

Bring back the lollipop!

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