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The Versatile Blogger Award

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Kay (Georgia Girl with an English Heart) very kindly gave me the Versatile Blogger Award recently.

You are supposed to list seven facts about yourself but Jenny Woolf had a great idea and she posted some photos that really told a lot about her.  I've spent my whole life behind a camera so I am following suit.

I'm interested in family history. (This is my Dad's dad shortly before he died in 1908 at the age of 33. He was a policeman in Liverpool.)

I am proud of being from Liverpool and support Liverpool Football Club. This is a programme from the days when I kept one from each match I attended. I gave them away years ago which is quite unlike me because I am a terrible squirrel. (Do you remember the days when what you saw through the viewfinder was not what the lens took - especially if you were really close. This was the result; you cut bits off!)

The other sport I am really keen on is Formula One motor racing. There is nothing quite so exciting as the sound of twenty Formula One engines revving up on the start line. This photo was of Damon Hill during a trip to Silverstone in the 1990s.

The first camera I used, around 1963 (one of my Dad's). It took 112 film – a size that was hard to get even in those days.

I love finding and identifying moths. Moths are the ones which usually fly at night and have no clubs on their antennae but, contrary to popular opinion many of them are just as wonderfully colourful as butterflies.

And finally, I'm not averse to wearing silly hats when the occasion demands. This was taken about ten years ago and shows my Dad in the background. Partner-who-drinks-tea is the one draped lovingly around my shoulders.

The Versatile Blogger award is then offered to seven other bloggers I consider worthy of it. I've excluded family and Friend-über-special and other close friends as that didn't seem fair but even then it's hard. Oh dear, this could turn out to be a list of blogs I follow... I know some people don't 'do' awards (I, too, stopped for a long time). So I shall simply say that these seven blogs below are well worth visiting and most decidedly deserve the Award. If they wish to collect it and tell us seven things about themselves they are most welcome to do so. If not, I hope they will simply accept that I love their blogs!

Fhina, A Woman of No Importance (a misnomer if ever there was one)

Emille at Artistique

Jedediah at Ook, she wrote

Therapists, librarians, there's an obvious theme emerging here...

Chris J at Flamblogger

Heather T's Imagery (I can't exclude all my friends)

Amy at Sharp Little Pencil (You might think poetry and stories are not 'versatile' but since the subjects are wide-ranging I think she definitely qualifies).

Adrian of Adrian's images.

I hope you visit one or two of these bloggers and I'm sure you'll agree they are Versatile!


  1. Love the pic of your granddad and the camera... wondering why he died so young?

  2. You surely deserve the Versatile Blogger award, and Jenny really did have a great idea there, didn't she! Kay kindly listed me, too, but I was away for work that week and have to admit what with catching up with things back home after I returned and doing my "homework" from the work trip, it had taken a backseat.

  3. I am so TICKLED that you did this and put your photos on here too!
    That looks a lot like our lunar moth, what is it?
    I love how English people wear those funny hats from the Christmas crackers. I even think the jokes are funny!
    I will check out all the blogs that you have listed.
    Once again, TICKLED!

  4. Thanks for the award! I will give all seven serious thought not just frivolity, so give me a day or two. I can't think why I haven't seen more of your posts. Perhaps it is because I have so many on my automatic list that blogger puts up and the fact that you post every day! Good for you! I'm lucky if I post three times a week but I do a lot of seriously meant comments. My husband is an Evertonian fan, but he said he won't hold that against you (since you support Liverpool). The man whose photo you posted where you write about Liverpool FC and whose name I can't remember and if I go back to look for iti will lose this comment and have to start again -- anyway he has such a Yorkshire face, or maybe it is Lancashire -- or definitely a Northerner! If I met him over here I'm sure I would know where he is from.
    I'm sure you've realized that by recommending blogs for your award, you tell us something more about yourself.
    Seeing your paintings and drawings ...and your versatile blogs, you are much too kind about my paintings.

  5. That's actually a lot small;er than your Lunar Moth, Kay. It's called a Light Emerald.

    You mean to say Americans don't have funny hats at Christmas? (How wise!)

  6. Well if anyone deserves a Versatil blogger award that would be you. ;) I'll pass on the motor sports and football and funny hats (well at least on wearing them). On second thought probably on the moths too (not too keen on anything that flies in the dark because then I like to just be left in peace to sleep)... Well that's just further proof of your versatility, since I still find plenty of interesting things on your blog!

  7. Interesting to see the photo and learn some more about you and yipee for the Liverpudlians.

  8. Scriptor, I am honored, but...I respectfully decline, because I just shut down one blog (the Mysteries blog, except for the 2nd page, Art Notes) because I felt like a chicken without a head, running around! Sorry, I should have put the sing of "don't do" on my sidebar:(
    It looks like Grand Central Station here - one secret -I'm a hat nut, and knit myself every year another hat (of course I'm not an honest-to-good American (I'm Dutch)).

  9. Perfectly undertstood, Emille. (The funny thing was I thought that in a previous incarnation you'd had that on your side bar and looked specifically for it.)
    P.S. Can I borrow the hat to put the give-away names in please?

    1. You are right, I HAD it on the side bar, but I think it used to be on the one I shut down (Mysteries) I'm talking to you - remember that I once painted a butterfly from your enormous stash of butterfly pics? The other day I wanted to look it up, and paint another one (with your permission of course), but I couldn't find the mosaic with the butterfly pics anymore. Did you delete them?

    2. No, J, I've not deleted anything. I think the mosaic may be at

      If there is one you would like a larger version of please let me know and I'll e-mail it to you.

      The starnge thing is I can't find the original posting of the White Tree Nymph that you painted? I've looked on various blogs of mine and yet it doesn't seem to be around. How strange is that?

  10. I was absolutely tickled pink to read your comment, Scriptor Sir!

    Thank you so much for letting me know I'm not boring, for I do fret - I am such a worrit!

    I believe you are one of the most versatile bloggers and writers in Blogdom, so this from you is indeed a pleasure - Thank you - As Blogworld sort of diminishes around us, I am so glad you are still here like a bloggy beacon!

    Have a great weekend!

    Fhi x

  11. Liverpool makes me think of the Beatles. I was watching The Amazing Race, I was amazed that the Beatles first played in Germany.


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