Monday, 26 March 2012

A Monday Meander

 I've just watched the first Television version of 'Just a Minute', the Radio 4 show that has been going for 45 years.  It was great.  Nicholas Parsons was in the chair as usual and today's panel were Phil Jupitus, Graeme Norton, Paul Merton and Sue Perkins.  Other panellists to be seen in the rest of the ten-episode series will be Stephen Fry and Julian Clary.  Sticking faithfully to the well-loved BBC Radio format, each episode will see a selection of comics and well known performers attempting to talk for one minute on a given subject.  They have to do so without repetition, deviation or hesitation and the other panellists can challenge on any of those grounds (or anything else they feel like interrupting for in order to amuse the audience!).

I got so many comments on the last post and I know that not everyone reads the follow-up comments so I thought I'd make this one a follow on from the 'Saturday Sunshine' post. 

The confidential papers, Jenny, were mainly old bills and things and confidential papers related to Partner-who-drinks-tea's counselling business. Having had my identity stolen on one of my debit cards I'm a bit over-cautious about scrapping things with my name and address and any financial details on them. It all began when I got a phone call from Mastercard asking if I'd just bought a pizza in London?  Since I was on my Liverpool phone it seemed reasonable to say something like 'Yer What?'

We have a shredder but it's a bit slow and burning stuff is so much more fun! Pondside, there is something so satisfying about playing with flames I'm not surprised the Great Dane loves it too.  I seriously wonder if it goes back to our early origins and the hunter / gatherer setting his sticks alight.  I wonder what the female equivalent is?

I never knew that about Kilvert's niece, Jenny, Considering what was left it would be so wonderful to have the other stuff.  I love his diary.  The story reminded me of Haydn and his manuscripts. 

Haydn, it is alleged, was not happily married; his wife Maria Anna Keller is described as 'not good-looking, ill-natured, totally indifferent to music, and quite incapable of providing either a home or children'.  She is said to have used his manuscripts as hair curlers and for lining her pastry tins! 

Marcheline, the chocolate covered cherries are still going strong, thanks.  Mmmmm, pause to lick lips.

Ann, I've only just been given the headband so can't comment on whether it works. Added to that my migraines are so erratic it's always difficult to know what helps or makes them worse.

Donna, I've not done yoga as such but I've done breathing exercises and relaxation since I was a child.   I think without the breathing exercises some of them would be far worse.  Relaxing is, of course, difficult but when achieved also helps a lot.  So they do help but unfortunately not enough.

Carol, I think it is quite common for migraines to just disappear in middle age, especially with women, suggesting that they may have some sort of hormonal origin in some people.  I've just been told by the neurologist that my episodic migraines have become chronic migraine which means there is no respite.  Between the bad ones there is a constant background one.   She is asking my GP to prescribe some new medication that may help to take them back to episodic ones. There are people who suffer from far worse things and when things aren't totally disabling I have a good life.  But thanks to everyone for the sympathy and to Partner-who-drinks-tea and Son-who-watches-film for the tea to go with it!


  1. Well, it's been great to get caught up here - so much has happened and been written about in the week I was gone... I especially liked your last post and this follow-up. I have never had a migraine, but Daniel has had them so I know how debilitating they can be. I hope yours will be magnetized away... And I loved the new look of your laptop, especially after having just seen an anteater at the Washington Zoo. We watched it for the longest time - they are such interesting-looking creatures... Warm wishes from warm Savannah! Silke

  2. Love your last quote -- yep, I'm a tea (rather than a coffee) person, inspite of all those Scandinavian ancestors I was telling you about! :0)

    Take care and God bless, C.

  3. Now I can't help but feel a little sorry for Maria Anna Keller. That she was not good-looking (whatever that means) was most likely not her fault; that she could not have children, possible neither. Becoming ill-natured when all your husband ever has on his mind is music, music, music is not too hard to imagine, either... Just as it takes two to have a good marriage, it also takes two (in my opinion) to have a less than good one. And since I've been married twice, with very different outcomes, I can speak with some authority here :-)

  4. I'm commenting on this blog too, chiefly because you've mentioned, somewhere, that you like all forms of communication except the telephone! That's me exactly. People keep asking me to Skype, but I can't bear the thought! For someone suffering such a debilitating condition you have a remarkable sense of humour. I'm in the process of trying to be brave about skin grafts I have to have on my face in April. I'll try to be jolly like you!

  5. Hence my 'alleged', Librarian! I certasinly weasn't looking for anyone to feel sorry for Haydn - but for us in losing his works. And I'm very conscious that not having children is frequently by no means anyone's fault or wish. I was merely quoting the background to the hair curlers story. {But I don't necessarily agree that it takes two to have a bad marriage (and I've had two with very different outcomes as well). We'll have to agree to differ on that score, I think.}

    1. You are right in saying that, John; sometimes a marriage going bad is not the fault of both partners. In the normal course of things, though, if two are determined to make a relationship work - or not - they usually can succeed. You are, of course, also right in regretting the loss of Haydn's works.

  6. Rinkly Rimes - At least my situation is one that doesn't have to have anything positive done about it at the moment so I don't have the scary prospect that you have awaiting you. I wish you the very best of luck and a rapid recdovery.

  7. Love your "wireless" first picture, and also the tea one at the bottom :)


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