Saturday, 24 March 2012

Saturday Sunshine

It’s been a strange week. Good days, bad days and days that seemed to go so quickly I could’t catch up with myself.

I don’t often post photos of myself but I couldn’t resist these two.

Me man – me make fire! Burning some confidential papers.

Me lived through 60s – me Hippy. Actually it’s a band with magnets inside. When you’ve had one continuous migraine since November you’ll try anything; no matter what it looks like.

And while I’m strapping things up there’s the ankle to do as well…  I won't show you that it's even less pretty than a full frontal of my face!

Sunday was Mother’s Day and one of Partner-who-drinks-tea’s presents was Bananagrams.

Which we played – good fun.

But her main present was – a teapot.

And something to put in it.

I hope Canadian Chickadee won’t mind me showing Robin in the bath!

The sun continued to shine and I got baskets and pots planted with the first of the annuals. There will be more to go in as the Spring continues.

And at last we have frogspawn in the ponds.

And my laptop has got a new look.

I decided she needed a new name as well.

It is Tamandua Voratverba (Tamandua is a genus of ant-eater while vorat verba is Latin for ' She who greedily consumes words'). Since this is a bit of a mouthful I've decided upon Tammy for short but if you want to address her formally you'll need her full name.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Love the new computer, and especially it's name. Never thought to name my computer before ....mmmmm....perhaps....?
    Thanks for swinging by my blog.
    And opening my eyes to your awesome photos and history lessons on old England. Loved that place when I visited in the 90's.

  2. I like your laptop's new look. The robin picture is very cute.

  3. Well hello Tammy! I think my Bella is getting a little jealous of that new look.

    You certainly caught the hippie look with that magnet band ;) Hope it helps.

    Glad you've been able to enjoy spring in your garden.

  4. Tammy is a beauty!
    I had to laugh at the photo of you at the fire! What is it about men and fire!! I can get The Great Dane out in most weather if burning is involved.

  5. Hi, CJ -- Poor you -- a migraine since November! Good Lord. I used to get them, and sometimes they lasted two or three days -- but never months on end. My migraines seem to have abated. No idea why. I'm just grateful for the respite. I hope you'll find relief soon too.

    Love the photo of the English Robin in the bath! :0)

    Hope you have a good -- and sunny -- weekend. Love, Carol

  6. Loved the head band photo! I hope it's helping. The laptop cover is absolutely fantastic. Unfortunately my lid is not at all flat so I don't think a sticker would work :(

  7. Tammy is lovely. Hope the magnets work, xx

  8. So sorry about the evil migraine and hope it will leave you soon. I can't imagine having such a monster in your head and body for that long. Really like the tea pot.

  9. Does the magnet band help, and the ankle strap? I very much hope so, it must be terrible to be in so much pain almost constantly!
    The robin picture is beautiful! I have been observing a robin from my window here over the past few days, but it is always too quick for me to get the camera.
    The laptop I use for work (it is not mine but belongs to the company) looks very much like Tammy, just without the fancy look.

  10. A man is very brave indeed who will allow himself to be photographed while holding Bananagrams on his lap... HAHAHAHAHA!

    Is that box of chocolate covered cherries in the background empty yet? 8-)

    Good to see your face - hope you're migraine free today!

  11. I feel for you with the migraine-I had them but never lasting that long. Have you tried yoga? It has helped me at times. I did a search on youtube for yoga for headaches and the first on that came up is by yogatic and only seven minutes-I just did it and thought it was good. It always helped me to increase the blood flow to my head-but for some people it makes it worse. Are you able to sleep? Hope the band helps and that you are soon migraine free.

  12. does the magnet band work? My friend has bad migraine, she always talk about it, but she never mentioned about this.

  13. I've never heard of Bananagram! Looks a bit like Scrabble?

    Burning confidential papers - I always think about Kilvert's niece who inherited the diaries and then decided to burn most of them because of things she thought might make him look a bit dodgy in the eyes of posterity. (She wasn't the least concerned about the weird stuff that is left in, so goodness knows what her criteria were. Whatever they were, what a loss!) The sight of someone burning confidential papers makes me wince though .... although I am not really assuming that YOUR confidential papers were someone else's amazing poetic diaries of course. :D

    I am sorry about the constant headache. I hope the headband helps.

  14. The confidential papers, Jenny, are mainly old bills and things and confidential things related to Jo's counselling business. Having had my identity stolen on one of my debit cards I'm a bit over-cautious about scrapping things with my name and address and any financial details on them. We have a shredder but it's a bit slow and burning stuff is so much more fun!
    I never knew that about Kilvert - considering what was left it would be wonderful to have the other stuff.
    Ann, I've on ly just been given the headband so can't comment on whether it works. Added top that my migraines are so erratic it's alwqys difficult to know what helps or makes them worse.
    Donna, I've not done yoga as such but I've done breathing exercises and relaxation since I was a child. They do help but unfortunately not enough.
    Thanks to everyone for the sympathy and to Jo and Rich for the tea to go with it!


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