Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Giveaway winner is…

This week I have been running a Giveaway.  The rules were simple.  Anyone who put a comment on any of this week's postings (Saturday 3rd to Saturday 10th inclusive) had their names written on a piece of paper and all the names were put in a hat.  

Yes, I found a hat.  I thought the household didn’t possess one but I’d forgotten about Partner-who-drinks-tea’s fluffy, soft, velvety thingy. (I’m sure it has a proper name but since she has now gone off to work I can’t ask her!)

 I put the names of the 37 people who had commented into the hat and Partner-who-drinks-tea drew out the winner.     The winner will receive one of the books shown in my Giveaway post last Sunday.  I shall contact them and ask for their address.

And the winner was….

Dramatic music and ten second wait to build up the suspense like they do on reality TV shows…

In fact let’s have another…

Can’t tell you just yet…

OK, I better had before you get really fed up…

Jenny Woolf of An English Travel Writer

Congratulations, Jenny.  Undertaking your own giveaway and winning a giveaway in the same week – how’s that for coincidence.  And even more of a coincidence is the fact that I won KayG’s giveaway last week.   I wonder what book Jenny will choose?


  1. Lucky Jenny!
    I enjoyed that gargoyle picture though. (It is one of those, isn't it?) Is that your photo?

    1. Yes, it is a gargoyle (and it is my photo) - one of many brilliant ones on Exeter Cathedral.

  2. Woo Hoo! Congrats to the winner.
    I don't think I've ever seen such an elegant container for the names being drawn!

  3. What a great post! Congratulations to the winner. What a great hat. Looks like it's velvet or very soft fur. Elegant! I think we should all wear more hats!!

    Hugs, Carol

  4. This was fun....the suspense ;)

  5. Oh! how exciting! I was hoping I'd win because I have been very keen to read SNUFF!

    I'll email you with my address. I actually won another giveaway recently - that and yours are the only two I have entered. Perhaps there's some sort of karma thing about running a giveaway and winning one. :)

  6. You have lots of caps. Do they not count as hats?

  7. Yay for Jenny Woolf! I loved the suspense for the giveaway. the gargoyle was a very nice touch!
    Now, wasn't that giveaway fun? You are so good at it you should do it all the time!

  8. Congratulations to Jenny. And that looks like a great hat.

  9. 'Snuff would have 'been my choice too, Jenny. Terry Pratchett usually gets eleven stars out of ten in my reviews!

  10. congrats to Jenny! I wanna know what she chooses, please.

  11. Jenny chose Terry Pratchett's 'Snuff'. She, like me, is a Terry Pratchett fan. Perhaps, as a travel writer, she feels that travelling around Discworld is a change from travelling the real one!

    (One disadvantage of moderating comments is that some folk may not see all the previous ones when commenting themselves.)


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