Monday, 12 March 2012

Meandering on a Monday

Do you talk to your computer? I don’t just mean swear at it when it goes wrong or does something you don’t like. I mean in the ordinary course of events when you are on your own in the room and working on it? OK, perhaps you don’t. Perhaps it’s just me. Forget I went there…

I can hardly believe it myself but I’ve started another blog. A Postcrossing blog. So far I’ve had seven postcrossing cards and a few from friends and fellow bloggers (or should I say friends and friends who are also fellow bloggers). I’ve only managed to put three on the blog so far but I’m hoping to catch up soon. It will be a record of the cards and the countries they’ve come from and the mileage travelled. It’s principally for my own benefit but if anyone wants to pop over to it they can find it here.

Are you a cat person (sorry, Meike, I’m conscious that question might cause you pain at the moment). Have you heard of Maru? I was introduced to the little creature by the blog of Son-in-law-and-friend–who-loves-otters.

I guarantee it will have you rolling in the aisles – or wherever you happen to be. Maru is a born actor (actress?). I foresee a great future for him /her. At least two Oscars!

In a recent post Saz at Fab, Feisty and Fifty asked “A droplet of contentment, a rash of happiness, a storm of joy, a blanket of good fortune or a flush of pleasure. I wonder which state do you yearn for? Moment by moment... “

My response was “I'll settle for contentment (the cup of tea) with a dash of happiness (the milk) and some joy (two sugars) for good measure.”

But I thought to myself what a good question it was, so I’d like to ask you the same thing.


  1. John, so glad I found your blog, and thanks for visiting mine! I would say... a drop of contentment (bit of milk in my African Red Bush tea) and the storm of joy, which is when I lift from my depressive state, somehow avoiding going straight to manic! Oy, the medications I have to take to keep the balance! Peace, Amy

  2. Hi, CJ, tried to click on your post crossing blog, but the machine:
    Not found - error 404.

    What's daunting about that is, that means there must be 403 OTHER errors I haven't run across yet!! LOL

  3. Sorry Carol, my mistake but hopefully fixed now!

  4. CJ, I don't call it talking to my computer, I say I'm talking to the person or the web site trolls. So, of course, you are fine!
    Loved that video of Maru, such a delightful cat! I shared it on FB and with my youngest son, whom we call Cat Boy.
    I've just sent my 2nd postcard. Since a stamp for Netherlands cost $1.05, I'm going to find a web site (I hope) on which to buy a large quantity of postcards. Do you know of any? I really want to do this so here's hoping...
    ~hugs~ for a good week! Greetings also to she who drinks tea. :D

  5. A blanket AND a cup of tea, please. I need to keep warm! As for talking to my computer except when disagreeing with it... Now you've got me thinking. Do I? Don't I? Ought I to give her compliments when she behaves, perhaps? (Yes it's a she. Her name is Bella. Good girl, most of the time. When something goes wrong, it's usually not her fault.)

  6. Don't worry, John, although I do miss Pukky (and will keep doing so for a while to come, I guess), I can already see the advantages of not having a pet - at least for now.
    As for Maru, I think it was my sister who kept sending me links to Maru-videos a year or more ago, they really are very entertaining!

  7. I love Maru! This one is also fantastic:

    He seems to love having his head stuck inside something!

  8. Oops - "Ought I to give her compliments when she behaves, perhaps?" wrote Dawn Treader. Now I've never thought of that and yet it has always been my apprqoch to getting the best out of humans. Perhaps that's where I've been going wrong all these years.
    Sorry, Scrappy Grams, I don't know of any site to buy postcards in quantity. I am fortunate to have picked them up over the years on my travels around the UK and am now happy to see them going in a good cause. If I find such a site I'll let you know.


    I too speak to my computer - but only when we are alone together. She (why she I wonder), can be really annoying, at times very tetchy and definitely a bit sulky at times BUT she always has to do my bidding in the end. Well, mostly anyway - with a little help from my computer technician when he comes back from his summer sojourn.

    Loved that post John.

  10. I don't talk to my computer but my husband does and we're in the same room so I have to keep asking are you talking to me?
    I'm a cat person, I like dogs in theory, but prefer the independence of a cat, meaning I don't have to take it for a walk.


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