Thursday, 1 March 2012

Some more Artwork

Some more pieces of my artwork. Well, some of you were foolish enough to ask for more!

The Pool – in pastel
This is one of a number of similar pictures I have done over the years of Oulton Mill Pool in Cheshire. It was Mum and Dad's favourite spot for parking the car and sitting quietly enjoying the scenery and the wildlife.

Rabbit sketch
When we had a caravan in North Wales on the Lleyn peninsula I was forever sketching the wildlife. Nothing much so far as art goes but each one brings back pleasant memories.

Barton Bank - watercolour
This is a painting I did a couple of times. On one occasion Daughter-who-takes-photos and I did it together, each doing our own version. Her artistic skills are greater than mine but I'd just been to a painting workshop (a birthday gift from Partner-who-drinks-tea) and had picked up some watercolour techniques I wanted to share.

The Heart Unafraid - pastel
The original of this was a black and white picture in a Rosicrucian Digest magazine that Mum had. She loved it so I tried painting it in various colours but was never especially satisfied. This was probably the best of them.

Leaf in gutter – pastel
The photo doesn't do this justice – but then I would say that wouldn't I? I did this in a number of versions and cannot recall if this was the best one. I should hunt my paintings down from the loft some time and scan them in or take better photos.

Nuthatch – coloured pencil (after Basil Ede)
Basil Ede is one of my favourite bird artists so I copied a number of his paintings. There is a better Nuthatch one somewhere that hung on Mum and Dad's living room wall. Again, it's probably in the loft.

Magpie – coloured pencil (after Basil Ede)

Gull – pastel
One of those that I was happy with. It's great when you actually feel happy with a picture you have created. All too often you keep looking at a painting or sketch and thinking about how much better you could have (or should have) done some aspect of it. In this case I was satisfied with the finished product.


  1. Love the magpie! I love birds you see and you have captured the bird landing with the wings out just perfectly. Now, I love the nuthatch too...that is just the way they look, head down on the tree.
    Oh, that leaf in the gutter, I love that one too.
    Oh heck, I love all of them. MORE, PLEASE!

  2. I have one of your The Pool pictures in my bedroom and it always brings back memories each time I see it. I also have a painting of The Heart Unafraid that Mum did. Even I tried that once!

  3. I think your art is great!

    And how nice to read that you are a fan of Basil Ede. I used to have a set of his prints framed and hanging in our stairwell. Every time I saw one of his beautiful little birds, it made me smile.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day, xoxo Carol

  4. !!! What can I say... these are jaw-droppers.

  5. Like them all, but love the Magpie!

  6. Surely your paintings are too good to be sitting in a loft? I'm no art critic but they look lovely to me!!

  7. Wow! I have known you all this time and I never knew that you could paint and draw like this! I have seen you dabbling once or twice when you have been up here but I had no idea you were this good - you are a dark horse indeed!

    So glad to hear that you are coming up in the summer. Look forward to that. xx

  8. Loved them all but particularly the first, so tranquil. Such a great artist with so many different styles. Thanks for showing.

  9. Love, love your artwork. Am giggling just now, and only you know why.

  10. Beautiful! Your drawing abilities really come out well in your colored pencil and pastel work! Had no idea you did art:)


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