Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Saturday Stroll around my Desktop

This week I am running a Giveaway. The rules are simple. Drop a comment on any of this week's postings (Saturday 3rd to Saturday 10th inclusive) and I'll put the names of all those who have commented in a hat and draw out the winner on Sunday 11th. The winner will receive one of the books shown in my Giveaway post last Sunday. I look forward to all your comments.

This will be my last post for you to comment on before I set about listing all those who commented during this last week. I’ll leave the commenting time open until nine a.m. Sunday (my time). That should give everyone a chance to get their name down before I throw the names in the hat.

Do you ever write a post that you wish you didn’t have to replace. I feel that way about last night’s. Someone e-mailed me to say that it summarised for them what blogging was all about. If you blog using Blogger there is a top bar that you can use for special pages. So far I have used it for ‘The Cast’, my profile, and links to some of my other blogs. I think I shall add yesterday’s post as a ‘page’ on that bar.

I was going to make this post a diatribe against the iniquities of Tesco but I’m in too good a mood to spoil it by telling you their latest customer unfriendly story.

Occasionally I am reminded of sayings that my Mother and Grandmother used. One of the latter’s came to mind today as I made my third trip upstairs to fetch something. On the first two occasions I had managed to come down stairs again without it. The first time I couldn’t remember what I’d gone up for and the second time I remembered but got side-tracked.

Nana’s saying was “I’d forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on!” So true.  (Image from Dipity but I couldn't find any copyright information and it seems to be available to use.)

Every now and then I come across a quotation that I can’t resist. I usually save these on a notepad and then forget to do anything with them. My favourite this week was too good to risk losing that way - "If you give Frodo Baggins a mobile phone, then the story of The Lord of the Rings becomes much shorter." Paul Mason

A second quote was brought to my attention when I followed KayG’s link to a site about walking for your health in England. “Researchers found that if you can walk faster than 3 miles an hour then the Grim Reaper can’t catch up with you! In a light-hearted way, it seems the Grim Reaper can’t walk that fast!”

 That’s a nuisance. I’ve definitely slowed down and if I have my camera with me I can sometimes only manage a mile an hour! Next time I do that I’ll have to keep looking over my shoulder.

I can’t believe how good the weather is at the moment (sorry Spesh, I know the Outer Hebrides are missing out). Although we’ve had the odd shower and a couple of cold days the last ten days or so have mostly been sunny and warm. Even Partner-who-drinks-tea has been satisfied with it and that takes some doing.

But we’ve a while to go before the butterflies emerge . (Or migrate here as this one – the Painted Lady – does.)

Have a good remainder of the week-end.


  1. Yes. I'd go along with your intentions on your last post. I think it would be really worth it. I tend to put things like that on Evernote and re-visit them from time to time. As it happens I did that with your post.

  2. Mobile phones are storykillers or at least make telling some stories so much more difficult, I've seen that many times when roleplaying. A great many adventures I had in systems that are set pre-mobile phone just wouldn't be possible today, the same goes for a lot of movie plots.

  3. You may have to retract the butterfly statement. I've just blogged about the first butterfly I've seen this year, which remarkably was on the 24th of February!

  4. Oh, I am glad that you will have that post in a special place. Do you notice that sometimes when there is something that you write of with great emotion that it might not receive as many comments as other times? Why is that, I wonder?
    I only know that I truly was touched by that post, just could not make myself write anything that made sense in a comment!
    Oh, I am glad too that you liked that funny thing from Australia about the Grim Reaper! Must walk faster, must walk faster...
    We saw butterflies on Arabia yesterday, but I don't know what kind, they were moving too fast!

  5. We'll have to make another statement: "Researchers found that as long as you keep taking your camera out for walks, then the Grim Reaper hasn't got a chance." (Well he hasn't caught up with either one of us yet, has he?) Love the Painted Lady - I'm looking forward to butterfly time as well. But I saw my first snowdrops today!

    You're right that some posts may deserve to stay up longer and making a 'page' of your last one seems like a good idea. I've been thinking of maybe collecting a link list of favourites of my own, thanks for the reminder.

  6. There's something about a photograph of a butterfly sitting on a butterfly bush that makes me inordinately happy. Like "It works!"

  7. On my mobile phone, I keep track of the weather in several places that are dear to me, such as Ripon in Yorkshire, and I was quite envious to see a little yellow sun and mild temperatues there every day last week.
    We've had sunny times, too, but it is still cold enough for me to wear the padded winter coat.
    Every year that passes, I am looking more and more forward to the end of winter and the beginning of spring!


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