Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Monday - The ten most pointless things in the world

The ten most pointless things in the world
From Journolists (12th January 1992) -

Gazing out of the window on the tube
Saying 'Come on, come on' to a red traffic-light
Urging your horse on while watching the Grand National on the television
Writing 'I hope I've got your address right' in a letter
Looking at the stereo when listening to a CD
Saying 'And this is the bathroom' when showing prospective buyers round your house
Changing queues at the supermarket check-out
Sending a stamped addressed envelope to America
Gesticulating while on the telephone
Returning the 'No' envelope expecting to win the prize draw

Can you suggest another one?


  1. I have one more- Reading all the 'super diets' in magazines.

  2. Several.......six hundred and fifty!
    Useless if not pointless.

  3. To change the queue at the supermarket checkout is not always pointless. Mostly, yes, but not always :-)

  4. My pet hate is when someone says, "are you asleep?" thus waking me when I am!


  5. Thanks for the laugh! The last one I don't get. Some of the others I have to confess myself guilty of. Like talking to various inanimate things.

    One thing that suggests the list is not quite up to date is that nothing on it is computer-related ;)

  6. In the UK, Monica, the Reader's Digest used to run competitions. In theory it didn't matter whether you bought the product (the Yes envelope) or not (the No envelope) but many people assumed that the No envelopes were just put in the bin! I'm sure they weren't - he said so as to avoid being done for libel...

  7. One I'm guilty of is artuing with spillchucker. Been doing it for years and it hasn't budged an inch - and neither have I!

  8. Oh yes, Pauline. Arguing with the spillchucker. So true.

  9. I think you'll enjoy these photos I stumble on today...


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