Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday My Town Shoot-out - Sweets

The Friday My Town Shoot-out this week is "Show us sweets in your town". I struggled with this. I looked around and found a couple of rather old Mint Imperials.

I couldn't even go down to Heswall and do some shopping. The old sweet shop closed down a couple of years ago...

Fortunately the famous Moffat Toffee Shop is still going.

But it is a long way from me.

So I looked around for other forms of sweet things!  I found some Sweet Peas.

We also have that wonderful tree the Sweet Chestnut.

 We even have a sweet weed - Sweet Alison.

 In the Scottish town of Dunkweld thwere is even a bookshop called Sweet Words.

While Liverpoool has a Sweeting Street:-

 ButI have to finish with one of my favopiurite flowers.  The Sweet Violet.

To see what other folk have found that's sweet in their towns please click on this link.


  1. You did a great job with this theme!

  2. fantastic! I like your sweet shop. very quaint. I would have to go in for sure. love the first image also. you did a great job of finding many sweets and a wide variety.

  3. You must have really had your thinking cap on to produce so many different shots for this topic! Love the old Sweet Memories shop.

  4. To be honest, Elaine,Doreen and Pauline, I cheated. I put 'Sweet' into the computer's search facility and looked through what came up. I might try that for some future FMTSOs as well.

  5. Sweet chestnuts! Do you roast and eat them? I love getting a tiny paper bag of smoking hot chestnuts on the Christmas market, but they get more expensive every year.
    The Sweet Words book shop looks like a place to spend a rainy afternoon at!

  6. Yes, Librarian. I love roasted chesnuts. Traditionally we have them at Hallowe'en. Yum - not long to go.

  7. Great finds, but I am sad that the sweet shop closed. Looks like it was an interesting place.

  8. Love the 9th photo of the sweet chesnuts. Obviously the old Liverpool ones bring back memories too.

  9. Great selection of photos for our theme this week! btw, my blog's name is Sweet Memories..

  10. You struggled?? I think you did very, very well!

  11. I really love the first shot of the old store front.

  12. Great job. Love your macro shots. Wow thanks for the tip you put out.

  13. Wonderful selection of "sweet" things.


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