Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday My Town Shoot-out – Creepy-Crawlies

It was a brave soul who suggested creepy-crawlies as a topic for this week's FMTSO. Even the professional entomologists I know have an aversion to at least one type of creepy-crawly. I love most insects and invertebrates but earwigs send a shiver up my spine. My daughter is fascinated by dragonflies and many other insects but has a real aversion to spiders...

Here, I hope, is s selection of creepy-crawlies that will not upset anyone too much...

Even snails have a love life (and a complicated one it is, too).

Ants will save their larvae and pupae from harm if the nest is disturbed.

And they farm aphids – tickling them to extract honeydew.

Here are some bugs that I think are attractive...

Orthops campestris

Rhododendron Leafhopper

Corizus hyoscami

And some beetles - Seven-spot Ladybirds making more Seven-spot Ladybirds...

Green Tiger Bettle

Cardinal Beetle

Fourteen-spot Ladybird

A very pregnant Gastrophysa virida.

Strangalia maculata - one of the longhorn beetles.

Keeled Skimmer dragonfly

Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly

As you will have gathered I am mad about creepy-crawlies! To see what other creepy-crawlies have been chosen this week please visit this link.

And may I take this opportunity to thank Rebecca, Sarah and Doreen - the organisers of FMTSO for all the effort they put in to maintaining it. I know it's not easy committing yourself to doing something every week - posting assignments, keeping the link going and selecting ones for the FMTSO main site. So a big thank you to you all.


  1. These are some amazing photos.
    Did you see the post that I did on the Hercules Beetle that I saw? I didn't have a camera with me, but I did have a very good picture on the internet that I put on my post. It was even more beautiful than the photo. I was amazed by the color and the size of it. It truly was called "Hercules" for a reason!

  2. Some beautiful beetles here. Thank you.

  3. Again, the quality of your close-ups is outstanding! I am not too keen on seeing any of these in my flat, but when they are out where they belong, I appreciate their beauty and how well equipped they are for the lives they lead. To include snails among the creepy-crawlies would have never crossed my mind, since they don't have legs.

  4. That's a great selection of insects (and two snails). I love the Tiger Beetle, those are fascinating, especially seen up close.
    I've tried to think of one insect/invertebrate that I don't like and I couldn't come up with one.

  5. What an excellent collection! Such pretty colours, too.

    Did you forget Mr Linky?... don't think I saw your name there!

  6. I'm scared of ladybirds...I hate the way their backs split open when they fly away....actually although I could never kill anything, I'm not particularly fond of spiders and insects at all.

    I can apreciate your photographs though.


  7. That leafhopper is incredible.

  8. Bugs are creepy, and profoundly disturbing when you realise that after the world ends and we've all been wiped out, the bugs will remain.

    Nice wedding ring in the last photo, though!

    Hugs, Carol

  9. Wow a good collection but oh they are creepy. Nice pics.

  10. I knew this one would be a fav of yours. fantastic shots SS. bugs are so colorful and love the shots of the ones being frisky. the snail shot is awesome!!


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