Friday, 21 October 2011

Keep every cog and wheel...

This wonderful sign is on Stone Mountain in Georgis, USA.

I came across it on Kay's blog 'Georgia Girl with an English heart' and she kindly gave me permission to use it. Why not visit her blog and take a trip up Stone Mountain with her.


  1. Sciptor,
    You have made me one happy Georgia girl! Thank you!
    And I thank you too for the link to the photos of the yellow daisy with the beautiful and unusual moth on it.
    Just called the offices at Stone Mountain today, they announced a new water feature will be built. I was in a panic worrying about where it would go, fearful of losing trees. A message was left on my answering machine that said that if any trees are cut down, then they will replace them with something "OF EQUAL VALUE". Oh dear, should I tell them to go and read this sign on top of the mountain?

  2. I will check it out, thanks for the lead.

  3. I'm off there now!



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