Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Littletown Farm Guest House

Jo and I stayed here on our way back from Scotland at the start of September. We strongly recommend it.

It's a beautiful place, rain or shine.

Littletown Farm is a traditional working Lakeland farm offering bed & breakfast accommodation in the beautiful, unspoilt Newlands valley. The bed and breakfast is in the heart of the Lake District national park.

 The Farmhouse is in a unique location nestled at the foot of Catbells and was the inspiration behind Beatrix Potters Mrs Tiggy-Winkle stories.

"Once upon a time there was a little girl called Lucie, who lived at a farm called Little-town. She was a good little girl only she was always losing her pocket-handkerchiefs!

One day little Lucie came into the farm-yard crying oh, she did cry so! “I’ve lost my pocket-handkin! Three handkins and a pinny! Have YOU seen them, Tabby Kitten?”"

On the evening we arrived we had a walk in the rain until it went dark (which is why their ponies are not very clear). Then we had a relaxing drink in the bar with the good company of .

Before breakfast (a traditional and very good English breakfast) we had another walk - this time in the bright sunshine.

Jo wasn't seriously thinking of climbing Causey Pike even though she thought it looked fairly easy (Ho. Ho.)

"“Sally Henny-penny, have YOU found three pocket-handkins?”

But the speckled hen ran into a barn, clucking"


  1. A wonderful post. It is a beautiful valley.
    You did well with the rain drop on the wire.

  2. I'm a Yorkshire lass and those dry stone walls and stone buildings gave me a real pang of homesickness.

    Nice looking hen!


  3. Another series of stunning landscape and remarkable details! So, what was the company in the bar where you had a relaxing drink? That bit of the sentence seems to be missing.

  4. It shows someone reads my posts in detail,Librarian! The sentence should have read "Then we had a relaxing drink in the bar with the good company of another couple who were staying there and our exce3edingly pleasaqnt Scottish host." I think I was struggling how to describe our 'host' since really it is his wife's business but he ran the bar of an evening and because it was the weekend it was he who served us at breakfast-time so we saw far more of him than of her.

  5. I wondered why you were drinking with a punctuation mark in the form of a fulls stop. You can be very cryptic sometimes but that seemed a little excessive!

    The B&Bs didn't have bars when we were young. Has Prohibition been abolished in England?

  6. I appreciate that it's licensed premises otherwise it wouldn't have a bar. Do I assume from that that it's a Pub with B&B rather than a B&B with a private bar for its residents. My point was intended to be flippant because when I was young B&Bing in the Lake District they certainly didn't have bars.

  7. No GB, it's a B & B with a bar for its residents. I don't know of any other B & B with a bar so I suspect it's still very uncommon.

  8. Your photos really made me feel the weather for some reason - both that special (and familiar) feeling of RAINY Lakeland, and that wonderful (less familiar) feeling that you get when it is clear and sunny in Lakeland.


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