Monday, 24 October 2011

Happy Monday - With apologies

With apologies to those who are visually challenged I couldn't resist blogging about Windows helpful page for those with eyesight difficulties....

If you are blind tick this tiny box. Duh!!


  1. I noticed this sometime ago..........then thought the boxes must be for the IT man.

  2. I've just had an email from a friend who, along with other people who have come to live in France and can't speak a word of French, was asked to attend a meeting about a new course being set up for étrangers to learn French.

    The meeting, which lasted 90 minutes, consisted of a French man rattling off very fast French to a room full of completely baffled people.



  3. Yes, I guess whoever said people make mistakes but to really mess things up, you need a computer, was right!

    Take care, Carol


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