Monday, 17 October 2011

Happy Monday - Journolists

The Daily Mail used at one time to run a column called 'Journolists' in which it would give a list of ten things. The following is an example:

The World's ten smallest measurable quantities:

The area described by estate agents as the 'fourth bedroom'
The amount of butter on a motorway cafeteria scone
The change from a £20 note in a London pub
The movement between ice-cold and super-heated steam on a shower control knob
The legroom in the back of a Renault 5
The number of laughs in a British sitcom
The size of the small print on privatisation commercials
The space on a motor insurance claim form for a crash diagram
The distance between passengers on a charter flight
The time between a boardroom vote of confidence and a soccer manager being sacked


  1. The space between passengers on a flight - any flight - too true!

  2. Very amusing! When I started this comment I fully intended to add to the list but haven't been able to think of anything. In fact I think the part of my brain devoted to original thought probably qualifies for a top ten place on the list.

  3. So far, the Daily Mail never struck me as particularly humorous, but this list made me chuckle :-)

  4. Brilliant....loved the butter and scone!



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