Wednesday, 12 October 2011

On the shores of Loch Linnhe

On the shores of Loch Linnhe in early Spetember.

I do get into some weird positions - but did Jo have to photograph me???


  1. It's good to see a man absorbed in his work, John. Great photos as always. Looks as if you and Jo had a nice trip home.
    Take care and God bless, xoxo Carol

  2. Photographic Yoga :-)
    Fascinating pictures of things big and small! Was that crab dead or alive?

  3. A wonderful set. The fourth is very appealing.
    It's not getting into strange positions it's getting out of them that I find difficult.

  4. We went camping there once and it rained. We were very glad int eh morning that we hadn't camped right by the shore!

    Super photos.

    BTW. Since you moderate comments, please stop wasting our time by insisting on word verification. You don't need both!

  5. MorningAJ has commented that I didn't need moderation and word verification on my comments. I beg to diagree. Here is an example of what happened last time I took word verification off.

    "Did you really need to post a picture of your daddy's ***** . It's rancid. And get that b****y broken chair numb ****. And do some constructive work in your bloody life. Why don't you spend the day teaching your son to fix a F******d up bicycle ...."

    There was more in that one comment alone.

    So for future reference - that's why I have comment moderation - to protect you - and word verification - to protect myself from some of those idiots out there. I don't want to be having to read stuff like that when I turn on my comoputer. It reduces auto selling of breast enlargement and viagara - I've never really wanted either - and discourages others from wasting my time and theirs in deleting comments I would rather protect myself from.

  6. I agree with Adrian - it's the getting up again that's the really tricky part... ;) Some nice photos here!

  7. Your photos are amazing!...Christine


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