Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tackling a fire

Sorting through some more old photos I came across these. This fire engine was on the Liverpool docks in the late 60s, (The registration shows it was made in 1967.)

This fire waas being tackled in Cumberland in 1968. Don't you just love the helmets?


  1. Astonishing when you compare it to today's equipment laden firemen...don't you just hate the term, "fire fighters"?


  2. The fire engine is one year older than I! But... listen to this: I spent the night from Wednesday to Thursday this week on business travel in a hotel which was in an ancient building with the foundations laid exactly 600 years before my birth. I was quite impressed.

  3. twenty years ago, a fireman was the top prefered job for New Zealand boys when " I grow up."

  4. I am amazed at the size of the fire hose. It looks just like a garden hose! (But to be fair, it looks as if it is getting the job done.)

  5. My thought was --"Oh! I'm quite a bit older than the fire engine!"


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