Monday, 10 October 2011

Happy Monday - 99.9%

If we got it right 99.9% of the time:-

For three quarters of an hour per month we would be supplied with unsafe water.
Twenty four landings at Chicago airport would crash each year.
The gas and electricity would be cut off for three quarters of an hour a month.
Every hour the US mail would lose 16,000 items.
Banks would misapply 26,000 deposits every hour.

I guess 99.9% ain’t quite good enough.

(Having just re-read this I'm not so sure it qualifies for Happy Monday...  May do anothwr one later... )


  1. You make a good case for 100%!

  2. Well, what are the actual stats then? How many items are misplaced, and how many power cuts etc. do happen?

  3. Well that's a reassuring start to the week.

  4. Just noticed my posting wasn't 100% accurate - "anothwr one"! Just goes to show.

    Fortunately, Librarian, although I don't know how many items of post are misplaced (a lot I suspect) the number of crashes at Chicago airport shows they do better then 99.9%. As for electricity outages we haven't had one in any of my houses in the last twenty + years.

  5. Our electricity went out for about an hour last week. It actually does it regularly round here. I'm still trying to find the rightful owner of some post I received in error last week.
    Not sure abut the rest of them.....

  6. No electricity outages? Are you sure? Used to happen all the time in Brunswick Street and I'm sure there's been at least one since I moved to Exeter.

  7. ha ha, no, not so "happy" but interesting.

  8. I'm fairly sure, Helen. Not since he three day week - well before your time - though we used to get them in the caravan on the Lleyn on a regular basis, every time a tree fell across the lines. We've certainly never had one in the last six years - in this house and I can't ever recall one at Yew Tree (though I blew the mains a few times there - I recall the hassle of re-setting all the alarm clocks, etc.)

  9. It has just occurred to me how tremendously I have just tempted The Fates by that last comment!!!


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