Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday My Town Shoot-out - being Thankful

This week's Friday My Town Shoot-out is about being Thankful. It is Thanksgiving Day in Canada on October 10 and we are invited to show "something you have discovered in your town or something you are thankful for in your town".

Firstly, I have to be thankful for my children.

This one still lives with us in our town.

Chef at work...  Cooking is a serious business...

But I decided I was also very thankful for the birds.

The birds that nest in the garden like Blue Tits.

And those that just visit for a meal like the Goldfinch families.

A Grey Heron popped in for a meal once, landing by the ponds and grabbing a frog which it threw up in the air and tried to catch again.  It missed and the frog survived!

Some birds, like this Herring Gull,  just fly over and don't land but their calls remind me of the sea or the seasons.

The Robins not only nest in the garden but entertain us in spring and autumn with their song.

To see what other folk are thankful for in their towns please click on this link.

(It would be nice to be thankful for a brain/memory but I can't say that at the moment.  I've had what GB indelicately refers to as a brain-fart and entered my link twice.  If the team have yet to delete it my apologies to anyone who is confused by it.)


  1. Such a lot for which to give thanks - especially the blessing of a grown child who lives close by.

  2. My family is what I am most grateful for, too - but they would NEVER allow me to show their pictures on the internet.
    Love the close-up of the Blue Tit!

  3. I'm thankful for my family too. For my loving partner. And for the chance to look at nature. And also to be creative and express myself. Sometimes I forget how much I value freedom of speech.

  4. Family for me too.

    Lucky you having your son close by...I miss mine sorely.


  5. Great choices, great pictures. Your son looks studious and productive.

  6. Sometimes I am just grateful for everything.

  7. that last little bird is so pretty, love the colors and just being able to cook and eat is plenty to be thankful for.

  8. As you know I went with the discovery theme. As for the butterflies which you commented on, that was really a most extraordinary experience because over a couple of days there were about 70-100 of them (the Small Tortoiseshell) in one little park. A quite astonishing sight. I think they must have been born at the same time in the neighbourhood. I read somewhere that their foremost enemy is the wasp which likes to eat the pupae. It struck me that (unusually) I've hardly seen any wasps at all this summer. For which I'm thankful ;)

  9. Yum! Richard's salad made my mouth water. He can come cook at our house any time.

    Loved the bird photos too, especially the blue tit and the robin (of course!).

    Take care and God bless,


  10. I like your choices. I found this topic difficult - too many things on my thankful for list! I'm glad you remembered the birds - love them.

  11. Your bird photos are wonderful. I love the goldfinches -- so different from those over here and when I was growing up there weren't too many around. But the last time I visited Flamborough I sat in the car parked close to a hedge -- it was raining -- and I watched for a couple of hours as they built their nests.

  12. I'm thankful for having 2 adult sons who still live me and help out at home. Unfortunately can't share their photos in my blog,since they don't allow me.

  13. Did your son cook when he was at home? Lucky you if he did!
    More bird photos, please! Anything in nature fascinates me, but there is just something about the feathered creatures that gives me the greatest pleasure.

  14. I am not surprised that birds would make it into you thankful list! Noce to have family around you too.

  15. Wonderful photos! I love the grey heron.

  16. Librarian and Jama - I'm not sure that Rich would be overly happy about having his photo on the blog (even though he's been subjected to close-up lenses all his life) but on the shole he's very forgi9vingg.

    Pauline - I agree there are just too many things to be thankful for. That's why I like GB's Thankful Thursday.

    Kay - yes, I'm really lucky that Rich cooks at home. Unfortunately he has yet to learn gthe art of washing up!

    Jenny Woolf - Freedom of speech has to be on the top ten list of things to be thankful for!

    I'm also thankful for all your comments.

  17. beautiful birds around your home. does you son cook for you also? that is always nice. I am thankful when someone cooks for me!!


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