Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Giggling Goose

This is one of those weird posts that suffers from déjà vu. Sometimes, like GB, I think I’ve done a post and find I haven’t (or do a post and find I’ve already done it!) I was sure I’d posted about the Giggling Goose but find I hadn’t – so here it is.

The Giggling Goose is a café / restaurant in Ambleside, based in an old mill on the Stock Ghyll. It’s a beautiful setting, a beautiful building and their Cakes and service are top class.  We didn't have a meal but I bet that would have been good too.

The young men who were running the place made everything themselves and Jo and I had three of their cakes between us. Far too much goodness…

The outside tables were nearly all full so we sat inside, by the counter and enjoyed the banter and jocularity of the young men – the chef, the server (or were there two?) and the young man behind the counter. Polite, helpful, always good humoured with both customers and each other, despite the pressure of a full café.

Good luck for the future, all you gigglers.


  1. "Be nice or go home". Oh my, I love that!
    What a gorgeous place.

  2. Great place - I'd surely love it! And isn't that what all café owners want, a full café? And yet one sometimes wonders why staff are going about their jobs in a grumpy, unfriendly manner. Not so at the Giggling Goose, from what you tell us.

  3. What a nice and funny place ! I would love to see it life !

  4. You posted about the staircase oh forgetful one.

    I remember because that's the one I wanted to go up and see what was up there.

    I want to be there now too.


  5. That looks like my sort of place. It's always best when the owner is on the premises.

  6. You do have some great photographs. The water mill alongside the Giggling Goose looks just like an area in the Peak District.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following and commenting. I shall have to come back and view yours when I have more time. I have never seen someone with so many blogs. I guess it is special for you though if you have health issues.

  7. What a cute name, and that first picture did make me giggle - or at least smile :)

  8. I'm sure that you mentioned the Giggling Goose. It stuck in my mind because when we were there it was before breakfast at the hotel (or just after) and was raining (or drizzling). Was it on your Hebridean visit blog I wonder?


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