Monday, 3 October 2011

Happy Monday - An adventure - twenty years ago

From some diary notes -

"Richard and I had an adventure tonight. When really it should have been bedtime and it was getting dark,, we crept out and drove to Crosby Civic Hall for a Dinky Toy and Model Train fair. Richard was on his very best behaviour for this adventure and his Snoopy jumper was admired by a girl who collects Snoopy things. Richard bought a model of Batman's friend Robin. I got a Matchbox version of a JPS Lotus. We came back and had a read of Little Miss Tiny in bed before he fell asleep without having a wash, clutching Robin.

What more could a little boy ask from life?"

Thursday 3rd October 1991


  1. How nice to have old diaries to remind yourself of the past like this! Does Richard remember the adventure?

  2. Fantastic. I know you've kept diaries on the computer, but hadn't realised you had ones from earlier years too.

  3. Indeed. I bet he had a blissful time.

    My boy was crazy about Batman and we played it for hours.

    He was Batman, the cat was Robin and I was the devious Miss KitKa, alias catwoman!

    Happy days.

  4. Sadly, Librarian, Richard doesn't remember much of his childhood. Ir perhaps he thinks that's a blessing!

    Oh yes, Helen. Lots of ypur adventures /misadventures are on record as well. I bet that somewhere there's a note of a wellington boot sticking in some mud and the owner being somewhat alarmed. (And her cruel Dad laughing - I still feel guilty about that!)

  5. I remember the incident, but not you laughing (should have kept that one to yourself!) What I do remember is you saying it wasn't deep and then me sinking up to my knee!

  6. I wonder which of the boys got the greatest thrill from the expedition!


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