Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Le Moulin

Le moulin tourne au fond du soir, tres lentement,
Sur un ciel de tristesse et de melancolie,
II tourne et tourne, et sa voile, couleur de lie,
Est triste et faible, et lourde, et lasse, infiniment…..

Emile Verhaeren

You don't have to understand French to appreciate the beauty of the flow of words in Verhaeren's verse.


  1. The sight of a windmill not turning any longer, or with no wings left to turn, is even more sad and melancholy.

  2. I've always had a real yen to live in a windmill...this one's a cracker.


  3. I was pleased that I could understand most of this from my high school French. Windmills are so beautiful, always excited when I would see one, never saw one in this country.


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