Friday, 1 July 2011

July already!

Gosh it's July already - where has the last six months gone?

In a couple of weeks I shall be going down to Devon for Helen’s wedding and with luck I shall shortly afterwards be travelling up North to the Hebrides to stay with GB for a while. I didn’t go up there last year and really missed it. It’s not just the holiday, the island scenery and being treated by my Big Brother but also the people. I’m dying to see everyone again. Unfortunately I must have communicated something of that feeling to my laptop and so it decided it was dying as well. Although it’s still functioning in some ways it won’t recognise anything on the USB ports. This means I can’t download the camera on to it. There is no way I can have a wedding and a holiday without taking a good few gigabytes of photos and whilst I could download them to GB’s laptop and probably network his to mine and so on and so forth I thought neither of us would be overly happy at having to do that. So I am investing in a new laptop. I cannot imagine what my Father would have thought of the way in which modern equipment has such a short life expectancy. He would have been horrified. And yet we have come to accept it. A five year old laptop is probably due for replacement anyway…
I was reminded of my father when I came across this quote in a book by David Dickinson – Youth is always at a premium in the House of Lords. You know, people who can stand up unaided, walk without sticks, eat with their own teeth, that sort of thing.

My father decided to have his teeth out and get dentures when he was about seventy. (I’d already had them for years by then). If I was asked I would happily admit to having false teeth but not Dad. He would say they were his own (but then he would sometimes point out that the reason they were his own was because he’d paid for them!)


  1. I have a love-hate relationship with Windows 7 - good luck with yours! :)

  2. Not long now. Tempus fugit.

  3. When I turned the calendar from June to July this morning, I thought, how is it possible that the first half of 2011 is already gone?! It was a very good half, and I have every intention of making the second half just as good, or even better.
    You are so right about the low life expectancy of things. In my living room, I have the furniture my grandparents bought when they got married. The stuff that I have in my bedroom - all IKEA - is only about 3 years old and I doubt it will last anywhere near as long as the furniture that was made from real wood, meant to last.


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