Sunday, 3 July 2011

Solanum - Chirk Castle

Although we lost a large number of plants in the garden under the soggy snow last winter there are really only two whose absence has had a real impact. The Fuchsia in the front hedge – which was about twelve feet long and seven feet high – has left one heck of a gap of dead wood but to my amazement I found it has now got new shoots growing from the base. Only about twenty years and it'll be back to where it was... The other big loss was the Solanum which covered the corner of the shed and next door's garage, not only hiding an eyesore but providing beautiful purple flowers from Spring to Autumn.

I've already bought two more to replace it and hopefully they will grow as quickly and as strongly and we won't have such a devastating winter again for a while.

Fortunately the Solanum at Chirk Castle escaped the snow and was a mass of beautiful flowers when we visited a couple of weeks ago.


  1. It was a particularly impressive and beautiful plant.

  2. Thank you for more beautiful pictures of your day at Chirk Castle! Plants (especially flowering ones) covering the walls of houses always lend that special something to a building, don't they? Although I fear "in real life" they are a paradise for spiders and other such multi-legged inhabitants which probably love to venture inside through open windows.


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