Friday, 22 July 2011

Catching up

Ian and Helen

So much has happened this last week - Jo driving Richard and I down to Exeter (the pretty way), the wonderful Wedding of Daughter-who-takes-photos and Son-in-law-and-friend-who-loves-otters, being driven by GB up through the Welsh Borders, the Lake District and Scotland and over the Ferry to GB's, meeting up with old friends I haven’t seen for two years and once again having Florentines and coffee in the Woodlands in the castle grounds in Stornoway.

I still have to sort through Helen and Ian’s wedding photos (I took about 850 and Jo and Richard added a further couple of hundred) but once that is done I shall be back blogging in earnest.

Partner-who-drinks-tea doesn’t normally let me put photos of her on the blog but she’s four hundred miles away so she can’t stop me today – and surely she can’t object when she looks so beautiful.

One of the two professional photographers – a married couple who worked really well together and who were excellent – used my camera to take a photo of Helen and before the event. Pity he didn’t notice my collar was up!

You can expect lots more photos from the wedding and of Sunny Scotland in the weeks to come, added to which I’ll be resurrecting my Hebridean blog and doing a webpage about the wedding.


  1. It never fails to amaze me at how much time, money, care and energy people put into a wedding - the dresses and suits for bride and guests, the flowers, choice of venue, food, music and so on. By the looks of your pictures, it was worth it!
    Glad it didn't rain and you were able to take pictures outside.

    And now, I am looking forward to seeing more from sunny Scotland!

    Florentines... how long have I not eaten one of those? Must be close to 20 years!

  2. Yes. A very Good Time was had by all. Welcome to Eagleton. Welcome to coffees and crosswords at The Woodlands.

  3. You have a beautiful daughter and I love the colour of Jo's outfit.

  4. Happy to hear you had a safe trip. :)

  5. These are very beautiful. And I certainly understand the daunting task of sorting through 850 shots! Looking forward to your return.

  6. How wonderful to hear from you again, and to see a few of the photos from Helen and Ian's wedding. I must say, you all looked very smart.
    Tell Jo I love her dress -- my favourite colour!
    We'll look forward to more news later.
    Take care and God bless,
    Canadian Chickadee

    PS - the word verification today was "biolo" -- is that perhaps a tell-all biography of a celebrity? Sorry.

  7. Thank you for sharing the lovely
    pictures. Love the blue outfit.


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