Saturday, 23 July 2011

A hint

A hint of what you are missing if you haven't been to the wedding webpages yet. (Seriously, I don't expect casual visitors to this blog to go there so I thought I'd just give you a taster.)

I am really pleased with some of our photos of the wedding – but then, when you take as many as I did (and add in Jo’s and Richard’s) the law of averages suggests some have to be good. This out of focus (intentional) one is one of my favourites.

This low angle – ouch my knees! – was another.

Woodbury Park was a lovely setting for the photo shoot but Otterton Mill and the River Otter were even better location

I love odd shots.

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  1. I did go look at the web site yesterday from my phone, and then again from my best computer screen today. They are wonderful photos John and so well presented that I now almost feel like I was there! Seems like you all had a good time; and you really did an excellent job putting the pictures together. May it always be a happy memory for everyone involved to look back at - and especially of course the bride and groom!


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