Saturday, 16 July 2011

B T = Bloody Terrible but nevwer mind - it's a Happy Day

Nothing is what we get when we plug a phone, a broadband or a Sky box into our phone socket. That's why I've answered no emails, checked no blog comments and done no blogging since Monday (though a couple of scheduled posts have appeared). BT say there is a signasl xcoming to the houswe - it ain't. jo spent over an hour on the ohone going round and rounde in circles on their menu and eventually getting a lady in Delhi who told her no one could come out until Monday. Six Days. Ain;t good enough. \and even then I;m majing an assumption that they'll solve it. So here I am typingt away in a darkened hotel bedroom (hence the tyoing errors) because Jo's asleep on the morning of Daughter=who-takes-photos wedding because this hortel room is the only access I';ve hqad to the Internet all week. Not amused aat British Telecom at all.

This isn't the first time we've had problemsb with BT. We had a whole year of problems when we moved into the house and in the end they had to admit it was their fault and moved the line coming into the house fromn upstairs (what a daft place to bring it in anyway) to downstairs.

The problem here in the UK is that whoever you buy your telephone and internet service from it comes down the same BT wires (unless you are lucky wenough to be in a cable area which we were in a previous house - not a day's trouble all the time qwe had cable). So they have a mopnopoly and if they say they're not coming out till Monday there's npthing one xcan do abpout it. They also made it plain that if it was a fault in the house and not with the3ir line they would charge £130 . Does that mean they'll pay us £130 when they find out it isw their fault???

Qpologies for rant and apols again for tyoing wrrors - blame thw fact that Jo sleeps at 5 in the morning. I ask you, is that normal? Rich and I never do...

In a couple of hopurs we'll be breakfasting t=qnd then it will be excitwement, excitement, excitement and you'll hqve to out up with a few days of wedding stories and pictures. Having bseen the bride's bouquet last night I've already decided that hjas to have ca blog posting of its own. Oh Happy Day


  1. Hvae a rllaey good day. Wsih the srtas of the day evrey frtuer hipapnses.

  2. My best wishes to the soon-to-be-newlyweds! And good luck with BT... luck is what it seems to take these days if one needs to sort anything out with them.
    I was offline for a week last summer after lightning damage, but I had still my phone to read and write emails from, thankfully.

  3. Never seen a post with so many typing errors from you before! - if you hadn't blamed the darkness I'd have hesitated whether to put it down to 'wedding nerves' or abstinence symptoms from just having been cut off from the internet for too long... (LOL) Hope all runs smoothly today (including the camera) and I wish you all a great day.

  4. Glad you like the flowers.

    Not long now...

  5. Do I gather you are not happy with BT? Or did I read it incorrectly?

  6. A lovely grumpy read I love it.
    Take care

  7. Htqank oyu, Adrian. No Monica, I didn't ahve any enrves at all! But I was getting more and erom frustrated so perhaps that contributed. Hopefully I'll ber back to checking my pselling from now on!


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