Saturday, 23 July 2011

Settling in

I’m just about settling in at GB’s now and my main priority the last few days has been to get my webpage of the wedding up and running. It’s done -

Now I shall aim to catch up with my travel and Hebridean photos though I suspect I’ll always be a few days behind.

So far we haven’t ventured past Stornoway which has given GB a chance to get some jobs done around the garden and me a chance to acclimatise. As always the view from the kitchen window (which I see as I work on my laptop) is forever distracting me. I’m sure if I lived here I’d never get any work done.

So many photos to sort but in the meantime here’s a Florentine for Librarian!

On the way down to Exeter with Jo and Richard we stopped at the Queenswood Country Park for lunch.

There was old Morris Oxford parked outside.

Then Jo drove down the Wye Valley.

And past Tintern Abbey.

It's always worthwhile having the camera handy on the motorway.

Do you want a firm pillow or a soft one?

It didn’t make much difference to me – I couldn’t sleep. So at five a.m. I was down in the hotel porch photographing Swallow-tailed moths. Perhaps unsurprisingly that caused the night manager to come out and say hello (and see what I was up to!)


  1. Beautiful pictures - especially the moth, the abbey and the valley! And thank you very much for the florentine :-)

  2. What a beautiful wedding... very moving and stunning photography.
    hey seem a lovely couple, blessed to be together and wishing them a long and happy marriage

  3. Wow! is that a Florentine? I've only seen them biscuit sized.

  4. Meanwhile GB has to be content with naught but a Tunnock's teacake? - It looks tiny by comparison

  5. I love the timber beams! and the old church (I assume). Beautiful! I really must visit the British Isles one day! Scotland has been on my list for a LONG time!

  6. love the Morris! I'm partial to vintage cars. that moth seems huge!
    have a pleasant weekend

  7. Ian, a Tunnock's Teacake is miniscule by comparison but my waistline demands it thus!


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