Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sign of the times

I should hope it does or we'll end up in the river!

He certainly studied it carefully - I wonder if he took it personally.

I don't know why but seeing a man in a kilt with a dirk in his sock eating an ice-cream seemed incongruous to me.


  1. He he... "Bridge Works"... that must have come as a relief!

    Looks like you have indeed brought a lot of sunshine up with you, judging from the picture of Mr. Kilt and his ice cream.

    Thank you for explaining about the Bridge House, by the way!

  2. When you are driving nearly 2 tonnes of car over it you certainly don't want any dubiety over its ability.

    It was the Scottie that really amused me though. He really did look as though he understood.

  3. What is the narrow square 'thing' in front of the shop where the Scottie is pondering? I don't think we have these (?) here!

  4. The big square thing, Jill, is a bin for cigarette stubs. The top has a ploaxce where they can be stubbed out and then they drop through into the box itself. Often you'll see samll ones here on walls at gotel entrances, etc, but ones this size are unusual.


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