Sunday, 24 July 2011

My family

Ian and Helen.

A wedding doesn't only give one a chance to photograph the bride and groom - it also gives ample opportunity to catch the rest of one's family, both in a formal pose and relaxing together.

My favourite one of Richard. (I think Jo took this one).

Richard, Helen and Bryony.


Bryony and Mark.


Jo and I.



  1. I don't like that last one of me! The one of Rich is lovely.

  2. They are all really good! I like the one showing GB looking so totally at ease. And the close-up of Helen shows a stunningly beautiful young woman in a gorgeous dress.

  3. Sorry, Helen! I'll make sure I pick a different one to frame at home.

  4. Jo's outfit looks even better now I have had a proper look at it. Everybody always looks their best in wedding photos.


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