Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Linghams, the bookshop and coffee shop in Heswall has changed ownership. About five years ago the original owner and creator of Linghams, Iain Corlett sold out to the Independent Retail Group (IRG) but they were hit by trading problems and the heavy snowfalls of last winter which made more and more people shop on line. That led to the closure of the West Kirby branch and put the Heswall branch on the market, even though it was both successful and profitable.

The danger of the Heswall shop also closing was averted by the then manager, Eleanor Davies. Instead of retiring as she and her husband had planned to do they bought the shop. Thanks heavens it is not only remaining open but also the minor changes that Eleanor and Peter have made appear to be for the better. I think any drastic change would have lost them some of their stalwarts who regularly go in for a coffee and don’t have the self-control to leave without buying a book or two en route. Mentioning no names!

So Linghams is still recognisably the same shop with comfortable armchairs, activities for children, poetry group, book club, free internet access and, of course, the coffee bar. It’s a real cultural centre for the village.

The table on the left is my favourite one.

The lady in the green jumper and her two friends have pinched it!

Mine’s a Latte with extra sugar and a toasted tea-cake (which always comes with plenty of butter) please.


  1. Yes. It would be a very sad day if Linghams disappeared. As a place to have coffee and do a crossword it is unrivaled.

    It's true, though, that despite me being an internet book buyer (Amazon give free delivery to the Outer Hebrides!) it is difficult to walk out of Linghams without buying something. In fact I've discovered several 'new' composers or music pieces in their, albeit modest, CD collection.

  2. What a great shop! And how good of the current owners to keep it up and running, to the benefit of not only themselves (although I can certainly understand their original plans to retire) but a lot of people in the neighbourhood.

  3. That's a good point, GB. There is nowhere else in Heswall (or West Kirby or Hoylake) that you can look at Classical CDs. Their collection, as you say, is small but always interesting.

  4. I find myself nodding and saying "Ah, yes, Linghams" although I've never actually been there... only read about it in two of my favourite blogs ;)

  5. What??? Somebody had the audacity to pinch your table? How dare they? :0)
    Seriously, so glad the store is staying open. It's so sad to lose a valued local shop.
    Canadian Chickadee


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