Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bad Boy!

Don’t you just love computer terminology? Google was playing up recently and wouldn’t let me access my calendar.  I gave up in the end and decided to do some blogging. But the sign in page / dashboard and new post all were out of action. Gave up those plans and decided to visit other people’s blogs. Went to comment – oops also out of action. Google blogger was not having a good day. Each time I tried anything I got the response ‘Bad Request’. I promptly heard as little voice in my head saying ‘Bad Boy’ and envisaged myself slinking away with my tail between my legs.

Bad Request’ of course can be more accurately translated as ‘Our system is buggered, we apologise most sincerely for the delay and aggravation and will do our best to perform better in future’. Google might like to re-think its use of the term ‘Bad Request’.

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  1. While I had no problem accessing my own blog and my dashboard, I was unable to leave comments; every time I tried, I was asked to sign in, and when I did, I was asked to sign in again. Since moving in too many small circles makes me somewhat dizzy, I gave up and tried again the next day; everything was fine then.


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