Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wednesday Wildlife - A selection of cats I have photographed

Asiatic Lion

African Lion

African Lioness

Bengal Tiger

Sumatran Tiger

Sberian Tiger

African Lynx or Caracal

European Lynx



Sand Cat


Snow Leopard or Ounce

European Wildcat

Persian Leopard

William !


  1. they are all so beautiful SS! I hate to see them contained though. love to see them in the wild in their natural habitats. William is precious. saved the best for last!

  2. Let me introduce myself...I'm a Yank reader across the pond in the California desert and I thought it was high-time to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog(s). I've read through your archives and found other most interesting blogs that I follow daily. So, that said, I want you to know I 'click on' your blog every morning and you never fail to interest and entertain me; your collection of cat photos don't disappoint.

  3. William looks so fierce!!! :)

  4. Great pictures! Thank you! I saw a sandcat for the first time in 2005 at the zoo in Berlin. Here in Stuttgart at the zoo, they have a couple of Servals and I like talking to them; they are almost always up for a little chat.
    Here is the latest picture of my Pukky:

    and a lazy couple of tigers at the zoo in Stuttgart:

    William certainly goes very well in line with those beauties!

  5. William has a beautifully patterned coat - is he related to Meek? Of the wild cats I have a soft spot for snow leopards, which I am extremely unlikely to encounter over here in NZ....

    I'll stick with my affectionate, wussy feline, Zebbycat - the extreme purrer!

  6. William is honoured to be mentioned amongst all those majestic moggies :-)

    Michelle: William is the same age as Meek, but unrelated.

  7. Thanks for the kind praise, Jill. Glad you enjoy the blog so much.

  8. Oh blogger is not posting my comments. I am trying again....I Love William!

  9. This is a great collection! The markings are fantastic, aren't they?

  10. Nice cat collection. I have been fortunate to see all the Afican cats in the wild


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