Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wednesday Wildlife - For Migrating Birds

Food-loving daughter, when she was little, said how impressed she was with Martin Mere wildfowl trust reserve because the gateposts had Braille on them to tell visually impaired people what was in each enclosure.

But can anywhere match this sign at Penington Flash near Wigan, where a plentiful supply of migrating birds can be seen, I can only conclude this North / South post is there in case any birds get disorientated..


  1. Well, that's one of the big mysteries of natural sciences explained - how do migrating birds know where to fly?
    No big deal, is it, if all they have to do is following a sign post :-D

  2. I suppose it's a good job that in lots of European languages the words for north and south all start with N and S otherwise migratory birds would surely get lost!

  3. Me thinks the birdies know exactly where and when, they just move the timing a bit each year to keep those humans confused!

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