Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cat and Mouse

What do you do when the cat keeps moving the mouse?


  1. Well, I guess you put the laptop away and play with the cat!
    Canadian Chickadee

  2. My cat does not move the mouse, but she has her own compartment on my desk where I never put anything as it is hers. We manage rather well to share that desk. I am sure she thinks it is hers and she generously lets me use it as well.

    Have you read what I wrote about her in my blog?

  3. Yes, Librarian. I recall her liking pizza - like Garfield the cartoon cat!

  4. Of course there are those heartless people who would say 'Move the cat'. Of course I'm not one of them. Well actually I am. But would I actually do it. Nah.


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