Tuesday, 14 September 2010

The Recluse

I have a note in an old notebook that has the following quotation and says it is from Walter De la Mare’s poem “The Recluse”. However, I cannot trace a poem of that name by Walter De la Mare (though he did write a short story ‘The Recluse’).

So does anyone know where these lines come from?

... He envied none, he was content
With self-inflicted banishment.

There peered from his hazel, hazel eyes
A self in solitude made wise;
As if within the heart may be
All the soul needs for company


  1. You have the author right. The poem is from the book The Burning Glass (1945), but that's all I could find out. (Google Books)

    - Good luck

  2. This page suggests that the poem is indeed called "The Recluse."

  3. Thank you very much Leo. I tried Googling it without success - you obviously have better google powers than me!


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