Tuesday, 7 September 2010

CJE in Exeter

My holiday in Exeter came to end today - Ian and Helen most kindly ran me home. I still have lots of posts scheduled on CJE in Exeter so it will be a week or two before it is finished for this year.

The places we visited during this last fortnight included:-
Exeter Green Fair
Exeter Cathedral
Killerton House and Gardens
Dolbury Hillfort
Chudleigh Knighton Heath
Woodbury Park
Otterton Mill
Stover Country Park
Buckfast Abbey
Buckfast Butterfly and Otter sanctuary
Venn Ottery Wildlife Trust Reserve
Venn Ottery RSPB Reserve
Rougemont Gardens
Northernhay Gardens
Woodbury Common
Escot Park
Otter Nurseries

Not a bad total for a fortnight. And with a couple of exceptions the days were warm and sunny so we managed to throw in some pond dipping and moth trapping as well.

Many thanks to Ian and Helen for a lovely time and wonderful hospitality.


  1. An impressive list indeed! I love otters, by the way. They tend to be rather elusive in the Stuttgart Wilhelma (the biggest zoo for miles around) but I've seen them close-up in action some years ago at the Sea Life Centre in Scarborough.

  2. You're welcome! We had a lovely time too.


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