Monday, 6 September 2010

Happy Monday - Oops!

Some printing errors in the Bible:-

The Place-makers' Bible of 1562 was the second edition of the Geneva Bible and thanks to a printer's error Matthew 5:9 reads "Blessed are the placemakers: for they shall be called the children of God"; it should read "peacemakers".

The Wicked Bible, The Adulterous Bible or The Sinner's Bible of 1631 by Barker and Lucas ommitted an important "not" from Exodus 20:14, making the seventh commandment read "Thou shalt commit adultery." The printers were fined £300 by Charles 1st who immediately recalled the thousand copies that had been printed. Only 11 copies escaped and are known to exist today.

The Sin On Bible of 1716 contained another wonderful printer's error in John 8:11 which read "Go and sin on more" rather than "Go and sin no more".

The Fools Bible of 1763 had an error in Psalm 14:1 which read "the fool hath said in his heart there is a God", rather than "...there is no God". The printers were fined three thousand pounds and all copies ordered destroyed.


  1. Where on earth do you learn about these things??? That is so cool!

  2. A combination of having access to a lot of new books while I'm staying at my daughter's and, of course, the Internet.

  3. If they had just happened to drop the e in the first quote that would have made an interesting prophecy: "Blessed be the pacemakers"... ♥ ;)

  4. Good one, Monica. Having just had a heart op I agree that would be a wonderful misprint!

  5. There is a chain of hardware/DIY etc. shops here in NZ named "Placemakers" .......


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