Sunday, 13 September 2009

Award for Photographic Excellence

Each Sunday I give an award to one of my favourite blogging photographers. The award is in no particular order so please don't feel left out if others precede you!

The recipient is welcome to display the award on their blog but is equally welcome not to do so. There is no passing on or writing deep secrets necessary. It is simply an acknowledgement from me of how much I have appreciated the person’s photographs.

This week’s winner is Helen – my daughter. It might seem that an element of nepotism is involved in choosing this week’s Award winner but Helen is not called Daughter-who-takes-photos without good reason!

The header on her dragonfly blog is an outstanding photo that could easily win awards from greater judges than I.

More dragonflies, like this Migrant Hawker and a Broad-bodied Chaser, can be found on Helen’s Wildlife blog. But it is a Lesser Stag Beetle that I have chosen as my favourite photo of hers from her blog. Hopefully one day she will have time to upload some more of the many brilliant photos which I have had the privilege to see.



  1. Congratulations to Helen! You're right, her photos are beautiful. Whoohoo - way to go, Helen! :0)
    The Canadian Chickadee

  2. Very well deserved too. I didn't even know about that blog. I've obviously missed something somewhere.

  3. That is indeed a stunning photo!

  4. Thank you all! I must indeed make more time to play with my photos and blog them. Unfortunately if I don't sort my photos immediately after downloading them from the camera they tend to get a little bit abandoned. Must try harder ;-)


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