Saturday, 12 September 2009

A Saturday Saunter

Going through some photos Jo took at Wimbledon a few years back we came across this one. I couldn’t resist showing it with the caption – “Why can’t the three of them just talk to each other?”

England made it through the soccer World Cup 2010 qualifiers this week – with two matches still to go. The last time they had such a good preparation to a World Cup was in 1966. This year may have little significance to those of you in the USA but to anyone who follows soccer in England it was THE year. We won the World Cup which, that year, was on our home turf with the Final being played at Wembley.

We won Wednesday’s match against Croatia 5-1 with my favourite player, Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard, scoring two of the goals.

The English Women’s team made it through to the Final of the European Championship but lost 2-6 to the relentless machine of Germany. England played much better than the scoreline suggests and give them their due they never gave up and twice came back from being goals down. Only in the last 15 minutes did the Germans clinch the match.

On Wednesday I introduced Jo to the delights of using Google calendar. Then I had a good day on Thursday after a headachy start. For one thing the sun came out. A novelty. I did some cooking while waiting for a grocery delivery van. Then I did some blogging and caught up with some paperwork. But I’m still well behind at looking at the works of fellow bloglings – so my apologies if I haven’t paid you a visit for a few days.

Friday was sunny. That’s s-u-n-n-y. The big yellow ball in the sky was visible! It wasn’t hiding behind clouds. There was no rain in the way. So, after a brief trip to the library, I spent the morning in the garden. A major success – a whole couple of hours in the garden without an angina attack.



  1. Oh, SS! I wish you could have many pain free days with gobs of sunshine!!! At least the scores should have brightened your days!!! And your sweet flower, Jo! :)
    Beautiful flower picture!

  2. That's a happy, cheerful post! Glad to hear it's stopped raining. But it's started here instead, have been housebound with two little girls most of the day, but thankfully no musical instruments.


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