Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-out - Doors and Windows

This weeks topic - doors and windows - was chosen by Kerri. For the purposes of this exercise my 'town' is Wirral / Merseyside with occasional peeks into other parts of the county of Cheshire.

Windows in the Devon DOORway pub, Gayton.

Windows in a barn.

A door without its window

There used to be windows!

Church windows, Ellesmere Port.

There’s a window in there somewhere, the lodge, Arrowe Park.

An attractive little dormer window.

Our front door (rarely used – we come and go through the back one).

Jo’s office door, Rodney Street, Liverpool.

Side by side front doors.

And the windows of a pub – the Cholmondeley (pronounced Chumley) Arms in Frodsham.

A door that leads nowhere - Barnston.

And pillar boxes have doors as well!

This 15th century church door is a bit further away - at Dolwyddelan, North Wales - but I couldn't resist including it as it has a sanctuary knocker on it. Anyone who committed a crime could run to the church and if they managed to grab the knocker before they were caught they were given sanctuary. Once they had sanctuary they could either stay in the church or they could go free provided they travelled to the nearest port, holding a cross and never leaving the highway, and caught the first available ship for foreign lands, never to return.

And although it is even further away this is my favourite doorway. It is still in the UK - in Exeter, Devon - and I couldn't resist showing it. It shows a mediaeval doorway through another mediaeval doorway!

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  1. I really like the story of the sancuary knocker, your selection gives me a very good idea of how your town looks. great post.

  2. Lovely! Your front door looks very stately and elegant.

    I love that last one too, the door through the door. Very cool!

    I was in Cambridge once, and London for half a day...what a BEAUTIFUL country. At least, I found Cambridge beautiful and London - well London is in my top three favorite cities (Berlin and Chicago being the other two) and if I ever get the chance to visit again, I am going to take it faster than a New York Minute.


  3. What an incredible variety. I love the stained glass windows in the pub.

  4. What a wonderful collection! I looked at them twice. Great post.

  5. What a splendid collection CJ.

    Can you see a face in the blue door of the side by side front doors?

    You got to use the Exeter door!

    As an aside I agree with Jen about Berlin. Probably my favourite city. But then I've spent more time there than any other city outside the UK. OK Napier's technically a city but.....

  6. So many favorites here...too many to name but I do really like the big round church window and the window with the green ivy.

  7. absolutely beautiful architecture in your area. I'm so very jealous. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. You did a great job capturing it.

  8. I would love to end the "door that leads nowhere". Great shots.

  9. Loooove those doors, especially the last one. Great post!

  10. These door & window photos are wonderful! My friend Mary Ellen collects photos of doorways and has a whole row of framed photos on the wall in her front hall. And I must say, your front door looks very smart, even if it is seldom used.
    Hope you are feeling better today. We missed you, the days you weren't able to put stuff on your blog. Take care and God bless, The Canadian Chickadee

  11. Your photos are amazing. The first building is beautiful and the door that leads to nowhere. the scenery is breathtaking. My favorite though is the blue door.

  12. Oh, I just knew the Brits would have the best doors and windows!! There's something about a blue door that always appeals to me but .....with a face?? I didn't notice that! Lovely photos - and I hope you are feeling better!

  13. S.S.:
    I think that this is one of the most intriguing posts I've seen yet! WOW!
    I love them ALL!!! Of course, Britain is serious about it's architecture---your history goes so far back in that respect.
    I am overwhelmed...
    I want to go through that "Door to Nowhere"...I am SURE it would lead to SOMEthing!!!!
    Oh, yes, GB....I can see the face!
    Thank you for all the work!
    ;^) ;^) ;^) ;^) ;^)

  14. I agree. The last shot is my favorite. The others are tremendous, also. You have an eye for photography, Scriptor.

  15. These are just breathtaking. The history and beauty that radiates out of these photographs is just astounding.

    I am jealous you have such a rich subject matter to draw from for these posts. Even the whimsy of a door that leads nowhere!!!

  16. It must be marvelous living around so many ancient structures. We have nothing to even compare around Toronto. Most of the architecture was built after 1800. I love your charming windows and lovely wooden doors. Thank you for this post today. Have a lovely weekend!

  17. Super photos!... I enjoyed them all.

  18. That last shot is magnificent. I really enjoyed all of your pictures. This was such a great theme this week.


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