Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-out - My favourite place to...

This week’s subject for the My Town Shoot-out is “My favourite place to ________” by Cindy. Why not pop along and visit her in Alaska.

My favourite place to watch the sky – from my brother’s house on Lewis, the Western Isles.

And my favourite place to watch the sun rise and the sun set – also my brother’s house on Lewis, the Western Isles.

My favourite place to look at ships – Stornoway harbour.

My favourite place to walk on the beach – the Western Isles.

My favourite place to visit the Iron Age - the Western Isles.

My favourite place for a coffee – The Woodlands Centre, Stornoway

My favourite place to look at old and remote buildings – the Western Isles.

My favourite place to sit in the sun – outside my brother’s house – the Western Isles.

My favourite place to read – in bed.

My favourite place to relax - in the bath. (It amused me putting a copyright notice on this one - like anyone is going to want to pinch a photo of my knees!!!)

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  1. I LOVE IT! I loved the last one too! hehehehe LOLOLOL nice knees Scriptor! LOLOL oh and especially the first sky watches, my heart just burst when I saw them, I don't know what it is about sky's and sunsets and sunrises and the ocean...I guess because I am NOT near the ocean and it makes me want to fly above it all! THANK YOU! I really needed those pictures today! hugs....

  2. No favorites here. I love them all.

    I want to visit all of your favorite places. I did like the "coffee house" and the old building. Reminds me of my "secret" place.

    Loved the boat and the sunsets, too, and the tub was a hoot of a closer.

    Excellent presentation.

  3. Hahahaha on that last one!!! But really, awesome places! I wish we could all visit these favorite places!!! Like a blogger tour all over the world! Oh, I guess that's what we're doing! Duh!

  4. Oh, I think those western isles could be a favorite place of mine as well. And thanks for the shot of those knees; we've been wondering 'bout those!

  5. Some really beautiful shots. Of course that isn't anything new for you...

  6. Why do I get the impression that you love Lewis John?! Hurry back we all miss you. Beautiful pictures. Love xx

  7. Oh...the beach just looks so wonderful to me. I'm not a beach lady but I might be if visiting one like these.

    Love the bubbles :)

    And...the shot of you and GB stole my heart. The one up top there too. I didn't realize the difference in age between the two of you until that shot with you in the baby carriage.

    I'm glad he's there with you right now :)

  8. Breathtaking photos and I love the stone houses.

  9. Knees of the world for more bubbles - enough to hide in completely!

  10. I loved this series of pictures, Scriptor! Wonderful landscape and sunrise/set pictures. Interesting also to see the inside the café, GB had a shot from the outside just recently. And I also enjoyed your "latest news" childhood picture of the both of you ;)

  11. I can see why these places are your favourites. The Western Isles are truly gorgeous. These sunsets you've captured are magnificent! Thanks for sharing!

  12. great knees! lol

    your beach and sunsets are fantastic! loved them all.

  13. LOVE them! What a variety of places, yet all so beautiful.


  14. I don't know where the western isles are but I want to go there!

  15. Wow - I want to skywatch there also!
    The bathtub shot got a chuckle out of me.
    I really like the coffee place, too.

  16. ah, the skies, the ships, the water - I can smeel it right now! And your knees would make a good print advert.

  17. I sense a theme here.

    Perhaps your brother could open a Bed N Breakfast and we could all come? The views look spectacular.

  18. Me thinks the Western Isles might be a bit of a favourite place! I can see why! Love the old boat and the huts! I think it would be quite improper to confess I love your knees!! Great shot, I didn't know what they were at first! Really cracked up when I realized they were knees - who would have thought knees would be that intriguing!

  19. Have just read all the comments on "My Favourite Places". Wow! Who would have thought that your knees would go global!!! xx

  20. Scriptor, those sky, beach, boat, land, coffeehouse photos...OH MY GOSH.

    Honestly, breathtaking.

    You are the bees *knees* - and now there's proof right here!

  21. The Western Isles is my kind of place! Tremendous photos. The shot that appeared to be a cove, was my favorite. Great shots, all. Thanks, Scriptor.

  22. Ha ha, you crack me up! Nice knees...I like the huts and other stuff you post...great artistic eye!


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