Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday My Town Shoot-out – Domesticated Animals.

This week’s theme was chosen by Sandy.

This is a cat.

A cat consists of a Head and Shoulders


a Tail,

and, of course, Whiskers

The black and white cat is called Samantha; this is Meek.

Meek also has teeth! Fortunately he is only yawning.

Meek would like to get those teeth into our fish!

Instead he has to make do with stopping people from reading.

This is a cat in the library – this cat is not domesticated!

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  1. Samantha and Meek are beautiful. I can see they have you very well trained.

    Great photos. I enjoyed them all.

  2. CJ!!! GREAT post! I love your narrative. Such fun. ;^) ;^0

  3. Beautiful cats. And I love how you always come up with a unique perspective. Well done!

  4. wonderfully creative photos for the theme - enjoyed thanks!

  5. your cats are so beautiful and I bet spoiled.... :-) so is mine. great shoot out and have a great weekend!!

  6. Absolutely FUN!!! Love how you've put this one together, friend :)

    I also like your cats.

  7. Purrrfectly gorgeous cat pictures! I had trouble getting a good photo of our cat.

  8. Okay, you cracked me up this morning. Your kitties are so cute! Great close ups, especially the TEETH!

  9. Cats Rock! I saw that first picture and for an instant wondered what you were doing with a picture of my guys back in my old apartment. But ok, Natalie's tail is not so bushy... and their bowl was not red... guess there's no monopoly on cats. Just cats who monopolize us.

  10. Scriptor, these photos are the cat's meow! I love love love that close up of the eye and nose, love the teeth shot, love the paws...


  11. The cats look absolutely blissful, except the one with the teeth. This is a lovely shoot. Thank you.

  12. Very cute post-- and very cute cats--and I'm not really a cat person. Uh-oh-- maybe I shouldn't publicly admit that.

  13. That yawn was pretty scary!

    And I didn't know Mary had died. RIP.


  14. I love the tiger in the library...wonder if any children have been afraid...

  15. I love you "eye" for photography. Love the shots. Thanks!!

  16. Cute shot on the cat parts...nice interpretation there. Your winning photo is great...looks so ferocious.


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