Monday, 28 September 2009

Christmas is coming

GB took Jo and I on various trips this weekend - to shops, to see the Dream statue (about which I shall blog another day) , and so on.

One thing that really delighted me as I played with my new camera was how many colourful displays there were everywhere.

I was amazed to see that the shops are already gearing up for Christmas.

Only 87 more shopping days to Christmas.... Gosh - I'd better make a start.



  1. "GB Tours" - that's ha-ha-funny...!

    Love the other colourful pictures, too; except that I do not really like to think about Christmas already...

  2. Hooray that you are well again, okay, well enough to supervise GB in the shops.

    GB has just the right chance to buy Brit stuff that we can't get over here. Then your dear brother has to work out how to fit it into his luggage.

    Suggest, dear CJ, that you back away at this point......

    care and huggles to you and GB,

    Michelle in Wellington, NZ, and my Zebbycat (gentle snoring this time) xxx

  3. Hi, CJ, it's true isn't it, Christmas seems to come more quickly every year. We're already making plans, because our niece is coming to Canada and Seattle from Billericay for the holidays! Something to smile about and look forward to.
    BTW, love your new camera. You take great photos!
    Canadian Chickadee


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