Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Gold and fish (but not goldfish!)

Jo and I went into Birkenhead yesterday morning. We collected a couple of the items we had left at the jewellers.

One was a family ring from 1875. It had belonged to my Great Grandmother, Louisa Sophia Spencer. It had lost one of the little rose-cut diamonds and our friendly jeweller at Birkenhead Market replaced it for us. The result with its opals, rubies and diamonds has proved well worth it. (Please excuse the lines across the photo – the camera is playing up. )

The second ring is another Victorian one. This was from Dad’s side of the family and he gave it to Jo many years ago. It is rose gold with rubies but one of the rubies had come out of its setting. By some miracle we still had the stone. Andy not only reset the stone that had come out but also refixed another stone that was loose. Then he cleaned it. The end result is amazing. It’s great to see a craftsman’s work from over a hundred years ago made good by a modern-day craftsman.

My second favourite place within the Market is the fish stall that we regularly use. As usual we bought a selection of white fish, smoked white fish and salmon to make some fish pies. They vacuum pack it for us and the flavour when we use it is as fresh as the day it was caught.



  1. That ring is an eye knocker! Beautiful.
    I'm going to have to google a fish pie. Sounds intriguing!

  2. Now you're really making an effort. Jewellery AND dinner!

  3. Hi Dawn Treader, yes dinner and jewellery, but not too much praise please, I want this to run and run for a bit longer.


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