Monday, 7 September 2009

A Monday meander

I’ve only just got up and it’s 7 a.m. already! Half the day gone and not a cat in the house fed. I had planned to clean the house from top to bottom this morning (that’s the best of British irony for those who are new to this Blog!). I have settled for wiping the top of the desk. Well, the few square inches that are visible. Moving things would have taken too much effort.

Yesterday I catalogued some more of the family heirlooms. (Doesn’t it sound grand when you say it like that. It’s when you find they include the fluffy teddy bear that Jo bought me about four years ago that you realise ‘heirlooms’ has a lot of interpretations. But maybe in years to come someone will wonder where Fluffy Teddy came from.)

Some of my Blogs have suffered the last couple of weeks including my Words one. In fact there has never been a day without a word but normally I have about three weeks of back-up ones scheduled in advance. I’m down to about two days. So I’ll be looking for lots of strange words today. And my Project 355 has suffered most because there have been days when i have neither been out nor even taken a photo indoors. I’m aiming to keep my eye open for a patch of clear weather between the rain and grab a garden photo or two today.

I am a fan of Formula One racing, A1 Grand Prix racing and MotoGP (the motorbike racing world championship). Yesterday Valentino Rossi virtually sealed the 2009 championship by winning yet again.

He is a six times World Champion (eight if you count his years on 125cc and 250cc bikes). I remember him first coming to the sport and I was impressed from day one.

Last week he fell off and so this week he wore a donkey’s head on his helmet. You’ve got to just love him. Added to which he is very sporting. When he races closely with someone like his one-time rival Capirossi they could dice and twist at nearly two hundred miles an hour through the corners and yet trust each other enough to know that there will be no intentional barging. He is not immune to crashing but the only occasion I saw him crash and bring another rider down he promptly raced over to him and was so apologetic. He then spent the whole of his TV interview saying how sorry he was that he’d crashed into Marco Malandri – a midfield rider - not a word about the fact that he had damaged his own championship chances.

That’s my Monday meandering done. Hope you have a good day..



  1. I love the pictures and the comments on your latest bit of news! Have I told you that before? Cracks me up!

  2. Hi John,

    So very glad to have you back - hope you are feeling much better now.

    Lots of love Pat x

  3. Yes. The MotoGP was an excellent race. A rest for a few weeks but we've the GP in Italy next weekend.


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