Wednesday, 3 December 2008


The Eggheads were beaten again on Monday. The challengers won £8,000 which should help towards paying off some student debt. How sad is that, that people of their age have to use money they’ve won to pay off debts. My debts are only slightly short of the National Debt but that’s the result of a lifetime of debauchery. I think it’s so unfair that students have to pay their own fees and instead of a grant only get a loan to se them through university. In the light of how much this made Richard debate whether to go to university I don’t know how a Labour government can defend the system.

In the meantime, last night the Eggheads were joined by a new Egghead - Barry, the winner of the programme "Are you an Egghead?"

On last night's programme he replaced CJ but whether this is permanent or whether it simply means the Eggheads will rotate I'm not sure.

Daphne remains my favourite with Kevin a close sceond.

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