Monday, 15 December 2008

How to dress a Christmas Tree

How to dress a Christmas Tree. At least, how I did ours today! (Before you start you must read Geranium Cat's comment below!!!!)

Stand upright on a plastic Christmas tablecloth (to catch any falling needles and genrally add to the Christmassy feel). Unwrap it and make sure it is going to be secure and not topple over when it has ornaments on it. If necessary tie it to a wall.

Firstly put the tinsel and lights on it. That way you can get them evenly spread without the distraction of decorations (and of decorations falling off!).

Then add the decoration for the top of the tree – that saves knocking half the others off when reaching up to put it on.

Add decorations.

Keep adding decorations.

Add more decorations...

Wait for night-time.

And finally put some presents underneath it.

Job done.

Tomorrow I shall show you some of my favourite decorations.


  1. I like - unusually! - a comment by Janet Street-Porter on how to decorate a Christmas tree: you start by taking 2 nurofen and a glass of whisky. It's stood me in good stead over the years (I'd already discovered it for myself, though I'd made the mistake of leaving them until the end).

  2. Oh dear. I really am a Bah Humbug sort of person. You always have such a beautiful tree. Fiona shamed me into putting one up one year. Half an hour before she brought the girls round to see it the lights failed. I can think of nothing that would induce me to put up a Christmas tree now. Although I might just go an buy some lights for the outside of the Cottage.

  3. Apart from the lights I love decorating Christmas trees - I suggest L'homme bizarre avoids lights and has the 2 nurofen and a glass of something instead!


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